Fallout: New Vegas – Endgame

Fallout: New Vegas Veronica

I’m using this image again because Veronica was my main “problem” with how the game ended. Or at least my choices that made the game end the way it did for me. Obviously, this post will be full of spoilers, if the title wasn’t indication enough.

I could live with most of the … uh … fallout of the decisions I’d made because a lot of them weren’t so hard to guess. Yes, there’d be conflict in the power vacuum I’d left in New Vegas. Yes, the sheriff I’d installed in a little backwater town wasn’t renowned for his kindness, and yes there were going to be problems with the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel in the respective positions I’d left them in.

The problem with Veronica was that I never saw her as a natural leader. If she’d have been able to stand for leadership of the BOS, things might have been different, but she’s too much like me – someone who efficiently carries out other people’s instructions. Not someone who can bark orders of their own.

I’d played along with each faction as far as I could, except for Caesar’s Legion, who I executed in cold blood for their grisly crimes earlier in the game. I even worked with Mr House for a little while until I figured out what he was up to (and I have to congratulate Obsidian for the rather interesting preamble and method of dispatch).

So it turned out in the end that I sided with Yes Man, after demanding that just about everyone else should be left alone. I worked with the NCR up to the point where they demanded the destruction of the Brotherhood, and the BOS until they too fell out of line. Because of other choices I’d made, I was unable to secure a truce between them, but I made each strong enough to survive but weak enough not to be assured of a victory. Even so, I felt Veronica’s unease and disappointment as the closing voiceover suggested that all would not be well. Perhaps she should have joined the Followers of the Apocalypse. I didn’t know them well enough to make the suggestion.

I have to make the note, following my victory over Caesar’s Legion, that I found that part disappointing. I hate boss battles. They remind me too much of throwbacks to the arcade era, when (according to Him Indoors) the idea behind them was to make you have to keep pouring more coins into the slot as you inevitably lose each round. It’s designed to make you fail, to repeat, to try and try again. Only I don’t – on the last mobile game to present me with one (Might & Magic II) I just gave up because I find them excruciatingly, mind-numbingly f***ing tedious and they serve no purpose whatsoever except to pad the game out. Oh, so you’re supposed to feel some sort of sense of achievement after having beaten one? Nope, all I feel is incredibly f***ing bored. I hate them, hate them, hate them. The only game that has ever had a “boss” level that was remotely satisfying was Mass Effect 2, and that’s because it was so well integrated into the design and actually felt like a believable thing to be happening. Having some goon in a mask who isn’t even Caesar himself doesn’t fit that description. I flipped on the console and pulled up god mode and it still took me several minutes to beat the guy. Really not very impressed at all.

Still, the RPG nerds love that s*** so I guess it keeps them happy.

I’d been a bit uneasy about upgrading the Securitrons, but that at least turned out to be the right choice. I got the ending where order is restored with minimal loss of life, and New Vegas can enjoy its independence from both the NCR and Caesar’s Legion.

I’d killed the lunatic mutant, Tabitha, but managed not to complete the quest for the cure. I ended up with a lot of crazy, unhappy mutants wandering the Wasteland. Oops.

The Boomers ended up doing fine, which was something else I’d been nervous about. I’d been concerned that they might misuse their bomber to cause chaos in the Mojave desert, but they ended up peacefully trading with their neighbours. I had misjudged them, but it was a happy mistake.

Hmmm. On reflection, it’s best that Veronica didn’t join the Followers of the Apocalypse. They found themselves so overburdened following the immediate chaos of the battle’s aftermath that they were unable to do the most basic of work. Hopefully things picked up for them later.

Goodsprings did alright out of the whole thing. The little town that aided my recovery at the beginning of the game became a thriving trading post. I was also happy to note that the Great Khans had benefited from my diplomacy. It’s a good job that I didn’t snipe Papa with my rifle as he was taking a dump in the outhouse out back, which had been my original thought when sent there to dispatch him. Good job that I had a chat with him after all. When he was a little less occupied, of course.

The Kings – those crazy Elvis impersonators – did OK, but more importantly, the dog Rex survived, too.

I wondered why Novac fared so badly, and I think it’s because I didn’t reset the rocket’s trajectory in the Come Fly With Me quest, and one of them crashed. Oh well, it’s their own silly fault – those ghouls should have checked their own instruments before trying to launch rockets into outer space.

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