#musicmonday: Covenant – Like Tears In Rain

A great song from a solid album, which is more than can be said for pretty anything else like it at the time. It’s just solid four-to-the-floor heavy techno – not hugely ambitious but well-written and hummable.

I debated whether to call it “industrial”, because it bears so little resemblance to the likes of Neubauten and Test Dept. Then again, by the late 1990s, “industrial” was a whole genre to itself, encompassing EBM, Industrial Techno (as I’d describe Covenant), Industrial Metal, Coldwave, Darkwave, and the untitled hybrid of drum ‘n’ bass and rock. It was the label given to just about anything involving electronic music and aggression. If it was too “hard” to be techno, it was industrial. If it was rock and had keyboards, it was industrial. It was Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails and Filter and my mate’s band Leech Woman whose act mostly consisted of someone abusing an angle grinder. It was everything on Wax Trax records.

It was what I lived and breathed. I too had a side project that had started out as the side project of someone who used to be in Pigface.

I remember when this came out, and playing this album to death, and then a few months later realising that there was nothing else of that standard out there. It was, to my mind, the last great record by any act that didn’t predate Ministry.

It still hasn’t been beaten by any of its contemporaries.

I stopped going to those clubs after that.


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