#musicmonday: Oh Land – Perfection

I’d already found my pick for #musicmonday just before I clicked on this random link using the Twitter hashtag. However, I was so spellbound by this that I figured I’d leave the other – presumably better-known – track for another Monday.

This is the sort of dreamy pared-down electro pop of Glasser or Bats for Lashes, but the vocalist has a really distinctive voice – not especially pretty, but not unpleasant to listen to.

It reminds me a little of 80s electro-industrial – especially with all that very deliberate banging around with big sticks – but it’s very “now” in terms of sound. I’m intrigued enough to find out more.

Nanna Øland Fabricius (born 20 November 1985 in Copenhagen), better known by her stage name Oh Land, is a Danish singer-songwriter and record producer. She is currently living in Brooklyn, New York City. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

She was going to become a professional ballerina, but injury put paid to that. The first album came out in 2008, and her second – with Pharrell Williams on the credits – came out this March. It was very popular in Denmark. Since this track doesn’t appear on the tracklist for Fauna, I can assume it’s from her eponymously-titled second album.


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