10 Great Bunny Moments

Rabbits in film? It’s Easter tomorrow, and to celebrate, here are some of my favourite lagomorphic cinematic moments.

10. Mallrats – The Easter Bunny

After Brodie frames the Easter Bunny for his injuries (which were really caused by sleazy Ben Affleck), his buddies take their revenge. It’s the kids’ reactions that make this scene.


9. Bambi – “If you can’t say something nice”

That is one cute bunny.


8. Harvey – “I’d like to introduce you to-“

Jimmy Stewart’s curiously invisible six-foot rabbit (technically: pooka) makes a non-appearance at his appointment with a shrink.


7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit – “Does this help?”

One of the coolest, funniest, most original films ever.


6. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit – Cucumber Cross

The vicar makes unusual use of the produce in the harvest festival display.


5. Watership Down – “I get up plenty soon”

The rest of the film may have fuelled the nightmares of all kids born in the 70s, but this hilariously inappropriate scene (from 4:55) is one of the film’s welcome lighter moments.


4. Angry Alien: Titanic – “I won’t let go, Jack!”

Titanic in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies.


3. Donnie Darko – “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”

Deeply, deeply surreal.


2. Monty Python & The Holy Grail – “Behind the rabbit?”

That’s no ordinary rabbit.


1. Night of the Lepus – “Aaarrrrggghhh!”

And you thought the Python bunny was scary!



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