Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama – Well Well Well

Another completely random find using the #musicmonday Twitter hashtag, which I was saving for Monday but since I’m tired with a headache I’m pulling this out of the pending tray to use tonight instead. Apparently the song’s by Bob Dylan. There isn’t much to be said here: this is pure soul music.

Ben Harper is the 41 year-old guitarist and vocalist known for playing an eclectic mix of styles. Trivia fans might find his ancestry interesting – a blend of African-American, Cherokee, and Russian-Lithuanian Jewish. His grandparents owned a music shop frequented by Leonard Cohen. He’s released 16 albums since 1992.

The Blind Boys of Alabama are … well, they’re blind – at least the three main vocalists and the drummer are, anyway. They’re from Alabama and originally formed in 1939. Sadly, two of their founding members (George Scott and Johnny Fields) died, and Clarence Fountain retired on health grounds, but the group continue to tour internationally with Jimmy Carter on lead vocals.

So, the song … still lost for words on that one. It’s the real deal. That’s all you need to know.


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