#musicmonday: Megadeth – Trust


Aside from my giggling, schoolgirl crush on Dave Mustaine (which I’ve had since I was a giggling schoolgirl), I’ve long had a crush on Megadeth’s music. It’s not the sort of proper grown-up music-love that Him Indoors has for the band – he’s got 13 of their albums (and, uh, Dave Mustaine’s face) – but it’s the sort of fickle flirtation that had me play my cassette copy of Hangar 18 (from some compilation or other) on repeat about a thousand times. I’d turn their music up whenever it came on the radio, tape their performances on the ITV Chart Show and watch them over and over, and I’ve borrowed a few of HI’s albums and listened to them until I was thoroughly sick of them.

For some reason, though, I never get sick of Trust. From the 1997 album Cryptic Writings, it marks my favourite sound for Megadeth – much slower and chunkier than their usual fare, and admittedly a lot more commercial. It’s like Metallica with decent songs. There’s just nothing not to love about this song: the intro is incredible, the drums are breathtaking, the guitar riffs unforgettable and the chorus hummable. It even has an achingly pretty acoustic instrumental bit in the middle. Suck on this, Hetfield.



Almost Honest, the second track from that album, is another song I could cheerfully play until other people threaten to destroy my stereo.



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