I’ve got a headache, so today’s update will be brief. My pal Damin just bought the new Ohgr CD, and reckons it’s pretty good. Skinny Puppy’s Nivek Ogre released an album (Welt) at the turn of the millennium. That was pretty good, too. Ohgr is a co-project with Ruby’s Mark Walk, and was originally supposed to feature Al Jourgensen, though he only ever contributed one track, which ended up as Ministry’s The Fall. In spite of all that, the music was far from the derivative “industrial” drivel peddled at the time and felt fresh and innovative. If you were into that sort of music at that sort of time, you might have heard Cracker – a twitchy and ridiculously infectious pop song that was wholly unexpected after the brutal noise of Puppy’s The Process. It even has a rap bit. One that works.



Two further albums followed WeltSunnyPsyOp (2003) and Devils in my Details (2008), neither of which I heard. I do recall hearing Majik a few times, though. I instinctively have a soft spot for Ohgr because it doesn’t sound quite like anything else. At the time when everyone was a fifth rate Marilyn Manson or making cheesy Eurodisco, I hoped for a brief moment that Ohgr and the vaguely similar H3llb3nt would spawn some new sort of underground sub-scene. It never happened. I gave up after that.




Undeveloped isn’t out for another week, so I shall have to contain my curiosity till then.


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