What’s That In Danzigs?

Glenn Danzig

I kept wondering why my flippant Musicians With Kitty Litter post was getting so many hits, until I figured out that most searches finding that page were Danzig fans. You guys (and girls) really can’t get enough of Glenn Danzig! Luckily Hudson Hongo has just the thing to help you.

Hudson Hongo is a contributor to McSweeney’s, The Morning News and The Bygone Bureau, so his blog tells us. His previous scientific experiments have included drawing cotton candy beards onto pictures of Civil War soldiers, and launching National Awareness Awareness Month.

Most usefully of all, he has now invented a tool to calculate metric conversions into the unit (hurhurhurhurh … you said “unit”) of one Glenn Danzig.

Meme machines Buzzfeed converted the size of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbotabad into Danzigs.

I decided to ask it a couple of questions of my own – such as to calculate in Danzigs the distance between John O’ Groats and Land’s End.

That’s 879,375 Danzigs.


Luckily my daily commute is only 20,112 Danzigs.

20112 danzigs


Here is the tool to try it yourself.

(Hurhrurhurh … you said “tool”.)

One comment on “What’s That In Danzigs?

  1. People looking for “Dennis Mejillones” represent 17% of my search traffic . . . . which sounds impressive if I don’t mention I’ve had a total of six hits from Google. I’ve never mentioned Dennis in my blog, but the Bethesda Blog is part of the blog feeds I have displayed at the bottom of my homepage – I can only assume Google was working off of that. I don’t know why but I’ll take all of the hits I can get 😀

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