#musicmonday: Gang Gang Dance

My friend Yvette threw me a link to the NME, featuring an album stream of Gang Gang Dance’s Eye Contact, out now on 4AD. She wondered if it was my “sort of thing”. I had no idea. I knew the name, but honestly couldn’t recall actually hearing them before.

I’m still listening, but my first impression is that they remind me of 90s German act Plexiq – an eclectic mix of sounds including breakbeats, bleeps and languid pad sounds. There are vaguely “world”-sounding vocals. I’m tending towards “yes, this is my sort of thing”, but while I’m making my mind up, here’s that link for you:


:edit: OK, I’ve made my mind up – this is f***ing magic.



It reminds me of the music played at a club I used to go to in a warehouse somewhere in London where you had to bring your own alcohol – no, not the goth-industrial one, this was another one – where I’d visit with some New Cross neighbours of mine from South Africa. It was the sort of place with fabric wall hangings and giant balloons. I can’t remember much of it. Most people seemed to have dreadlocks and clothes made out of hemp. This is definitely late night chill-out music. What was that band? Transglobal Underground. There’s a bit of them in there too, and perhaps a little Goldfrapp, but I’m sticking with the Plexiq comparison.



Adult Goth sounds nothing at all like the Sisters of Mercy. Like most of what else is here, it’s bleeps and beats and Bollywoodesque vocals. MindKilla is a full-on (princess) stomper of a track, but I’m going to disagree with the NME here and call Thru and Thru the highlight: it’s a ferocious onslaught of beats and early 90s synths that puts in mind what would happen if Siouxsie Sioux’s The Creatures went disco dancing.

What’s not to love about that?



*Adds to Wish List*

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