Minute by Minute: Foetus – Here Comes The Rain

Foetus - Here Comes The Rain

Coincidentally on the day I visualised HIDE with the help of some unfortunate kitties, JG Thirlwell uploaded a new video. Here Comes The Rain is an unlikely “single”, neither upbeat like Stood Up, nor poppy like Paper Slippers. It isn’t even a snarling tower of rage like You’re Trying To Break Me. Just slow, mournful, unassuming, even. Making a video for it seems downright perverse.
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Music: reviewed in cats

Something very strange is going on over at Collapse Board. Albums are being reviewed in pictures, and the same album is being reviewed in multiple contexts. If I was a sensible, level-headed lass, I’d just assume that Everett True has turned nuttier than a sack of squirrels and patiently wait for him to go back to writing 10,000 words on why he hates Radiohead. Unluckily for you, I’ve decided instead that this is the way to go, and will now re-review some of my favourite recordings through the medium of cats.

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