Cults – Cults

Over at Collapse Board, 10 reviews of the new album by Cults have been published. There’s a good one, mine, a really bad one (Wallace Wylie’s, which I think is splendid), a poetic one, a pictorial one, etc. It’s an interesting experiment – highlighting how even at the same publication opinions can be wildly different. You can draw your own conclusions about “assholes” at this point.

I wrote mine in a bit of a hurry – I was tired with a bit of a headache and only listened to it one-and-a-half times instead of my usual two or three. I think I can stick with my original conclusion, though – especially in light of seeing some of the others agree with me. I’m just embarrassed about some glaring mistakes I made (such as thinking Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree appeared on Phil Spector’s album – but to be fair, I only realised my error after looking it up). I don’t really think it matters, though. At least not much. Like how in Everett True’s review when he says that it’s not really lo-fi. What matters is if the description conjures up an idea that the reader will understand. Lo-fi to me means “fuzzy like an old cassette” – whether it’s been expensively produced in a slick studio doesn’t really matter if it’s still got that warmth of tone that sounds like vinyl and old amps. I don’t care that they’re on a major label or whether they had a powerhouse PR team behind them – much as I never gave a s*** that Blur were signed to a major; I still called them an indie band.

I think my review came over a bit more harsh than I meant to: I certainly didn’t hate the album. I just felt a little disappointed with it, especially as to how there wasn’t much variety between tracks, and because I was expecting something really special that it just didn’t deliver. It’s not bad, though. I’m sure it can at least keep my ears busy until my copy of the new Manorexia album turns up. (Now that’s when you’ll see me excited.)


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