#musicmonday: H3llb3nt – Forget You

H3llb3nt – Haloblack’s Bryan Black, Chemlab’s Jared Louche, 16 Volt’s Eric Powell, and anyone else they could rope in at the time – released the album Hardcore Vanilla back in 2001. It was mostly ignored, which is a shame, because it was at least attempting to do something that didn’t sound exactly like everything else at the time.

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Morrowind: A love letter

I wish I had a time machine so that I could go back and play Morrowind for the first time again. That was one of the first thoughts I had this morning. I could vividly hear in my mind the musique concrète of its soundtrack – the ambient noises that give it such an unearthly, magical atmosphere – and wanted to hear them again for the first time. It’s not something I could accomplish, I thought sadly, though I fired it up for probably the thousandth time. It looks old, which it should, after nearly a decade. For me, it looks like this

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