#musicmonday: The Monsoon Bassoon and No Doubt

I couldn’t choose between two songs for Music Monday, so sod it! We’re going to have both!

We’ll start with the poky little venue in London. Probably Camden. Seeing some little band you go along to because your mate’s in it and then being completely blown away. I was given a demo cassette with three or four tracks on it. It was produced by Tim Smith of Cardiacs. It had this on it. They got the NME‘s Single of the Week with this song – and for two others, as well. Three SOTWs for three consecutive singles.

I met Arash first, at a Levitation gig when I was 16. He told me if I liked Levitation I’d like Cardiacs, and gave me a mix tape. He was right. I didn’t see much of him after that, but I met his cousin, Kavus, who was Cardiacs’ roadie or something. I saw him a lot over the next few years at various gigs, clubs and parties, and thought he was really nice.

Kavus was in The Monsoon Bassoon, and here I was open-mouthed watching this quirky little band play … what? Math rock? I don’t think that had even been invented back then. Prog? Metal? Folk? Something. Of course, Kavus joined Cardiacs in the end.

Click here to give it a listen: In The Iceman’s Back Garden


On a very different note, I was checking out Buzzfeed’s images of a post-apocalyptic fan convention and suddenly thought of the wonderful and woefully underrated video for Hella Good by No Doubt, so … um … here it be.

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