#musicmonday: Controlled Bleeding – Words

See, in this case, they sound a bit like Tears for Fears. In a good way. Not that there’s really a bad way to sound like Tears For Fears, because they were a bloody good pop band, but it’s a little unexpected in this type of music.

“Industrial” has become a dirty word – not least because of its latter-day association with limp synthpop – but there really isn’t any other way to describe these metallic clangs. It is machine music, reminding me most obviously of Test Dept. The person who’s uploaded this clip to Youtube has used the phrase “alternative dance-pop”, which will do if you really hate the i-word.

Controlled Bleeding have released over 30 albums spanning multiple genres since 1983, so it’s best not to get too focussed on classifications, anyway.

Words (of the Dying Body) is from their album Trudge, released on Wax Trax! Records in 1989.




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