Battles – Gloss Drop

My review of Battles’ new album Gloss Drop is up at Collapse Board. It’s pretty funny: one of the comments there was aghast that I hadn’t mentioned the loss of a founder member. I was pretty stunned because I immediately assumed that it meant that Tyondai Braxton had died, which of course would be absolutely terrible! I was pretty surprised that I hadn’t heard about it, even if I was the sort of casual fan that didn’t know off-hand the names of the members of the band.

Of course, it turns out that Tyondai has simply left, and was last seen performing his solo album Central Market in the US with the 30-piece Wordless Music Orchestra and in London with the BBC Symphony Orchestra as a part of Steve Reich’s Reverberations Festival.

So, all is right with with the world. Head on over to Collapse Board to read the full review of this splendid new album.

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