#musicmonday: Yat-Kha – Kaa-Khem

Thanks to Shannon for this one.

Hailing from Tuva – a Siberian federal republic of Russia – Yat-Kha blend traditional Tuvan folk and rock. Vocalist/guitarist Albert Kuvezin employs the region’s famous kargyraa throat singing style, the kanzat kargyraa. And I can’t stop listening to it.

I’m not exactly an expert – nor even much of a fan – of throat singing per se, though I’ve heard Diamanda Galas and Mike Patton have a go at it. Perhaps it’s just the blend of styles making it more comfortably familiar, but this is very accessible and really rather catchy.

Of kargyraa, Wikipedia says:

(Written in Cyrillic: Каргыраа.) The more deep sounding style of throat singing is known as Kargyraa (pronounced Kar-gi-ra). Kargyraa has a deep, almost growling sound to it and is technically related to Tibetan Buddhist chant and has some similarities with vocal fry.

It uses both the vocal and the vestibular folds simultaneously, creating two sources of sound.

By constricting the larynx, the vestibular folds are vibrated to produce an undertone exactly half the frequency of the fundamental produced by the vocal folds, and the mouth cavity is shaped, just like the manipulation of vowels, to select harmonics of both the fundamental and the undertone, producing from four to six pitches simultaneously.

There are two types of Kargyraa: Dag, or mountain, and Xovu, or steppe. The Dag style is deeper and has more nasal effects, while Xovu is raspier and sung at a higher pitch with more throat tension and less chest resonance. There are also the distinctive kargyraa styles of Vladimir Oidupaa and Albert Kuvezin, the latter also bearing the name kanzat. This is sometimes described as the howling winds of winter or the plaintive cries of a mother camel after losing her calf.

So that’s our Albert Kuvezin again.

You might not think that you’ll enjoy this, but you almost certainly will.

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