5 Random Favourites

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed a dearth of lengthy, thoughtful articles of late, and that’s because I’ve been channeling my energies elsewhere. Take today, for example: I spent the energy I would have spent here on shopping for pushchairs. Any spare energy that wasn’t taken up with that was focussed – as usual – on trying very hard not to throw up.

Long and short of it: I’m too damn tired to blog! Well, at least today. At least properly. So instead I’ll link to five random videos I’ve favourited on Youtube. Starting with …

1. Snow Bud and the Flower People – Killer Bud

I don’t know anything about either band or song, but it’s pretty catchy, no? It’s produced by Jack Endino, who did Nirvana’s Bleach. Straightforward grungy rock.


2. Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos

I’m not generally a fan of Lydia’s stuff, but this is one of those rare occasions when I’ve thought, “This is really bloody good.” Bass/percussion-heavy post-punk.


3. Chemlab – Pyromance

One of the most interesting of the post-NIN industrial rock songs.


4. Lady Gaga – Dance in the Dark (live in Montreal)

I never understood why she released the weak Alejandro and not this absolutely superb song from Monster. The live arrangement is outstanding – reminds me of prime Front 242 for the first few minutes.


5. Girl Talk – In Step

Mash-up including Nirvana, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Roy Orbinson, Kraftwerk and the Beach Boys, from the album Feed The Animals.

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