#musicmonday: Guai Li

Guai Li. Photo: Beijing Daze

Boo. I can’t find any decent youtube clips of this excellent band from China, Guai Li.

This is the delightfully-named Devil Rabbit from their album Flight of Delusion, but as you can tell the sound quality is so atrocious you wouldn’t know that this sounds amazing on the record it comes from. Someone on youtube described this band as “Tarantino’s wet dream”, which is probably fair enough – if a little gross.


They have a certain spiky, punky attitude with irresistably catchy hooks that elevate them above other, similar bands. They also do a cute cover of Kraftwerk’s The Model. The release notes accompanying the album say that the band’s name refers to a well-known Confucian saying, “Guaili luanshen”, implying weird forces and unexplainable supernatural phenomena. The band decided to add a little weirdness of their own by mixing in a 20-hertz sound wave – beneath what the human ear can detect – to provoke alpha brainwaves and stimulate creativity. Interestingly, ultra-low frequencies are thought by some to explain the phenomena associated with ghost sightings.

You can hear Guai Li in all their spooky glory by heading on over to www.tenzenmen.com. (Also up at itunes)

This is Slow Dream.


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