#musicmonday : Lush – Nothing Natural

The popularity of bands like Warpaint and the apparent revival of Shoegazing reminds me of one of my favourite bands from the 1990s. Although the band released three full-length albums, Nothing Natural is the song I immediately think of when I remember that band. They could release it now and not sound out of place, given the current state of the indie scene. The dreamy, trippy combination of Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson on vocals/guitars, and that insistent bassline played by that bloke whose name nobody can remember. Unassuming, sweet Chris on the drums, bless him! The hours I spent trying to dye my hair like Miki’s – but I never had the (bleach) bottle to go that bright. It wouldn’t have suited me anyway. Looked great on her, though.


You also need to hear this one – De Luxe – which is the first track I heard by them back in about 1990. I was just absolutely blown away by it. Sounds pretty tame now, but I’d never heard anything like it.


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2 comments on “#musicmonday : Lush – Nothing Natural

  1. I was ready for a fight after the mention of Warpaint being compared to Lush… but then I heard the song De Luxe on here and although I don’t think they’re like Warpaint, I think that song is f-ing amazing- the rhythm of the vocal melody is incredible. I’m not into the other track here at all.

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