30 day song challenge: day 04 – a song that makes you sad

Current status: splitting headache, so I’m going to be lazy and revert to my easy-to-write “30 day song challenge” meme. Ugh. I still feel queasy, too. Not a good day. Shutting up about self, writing about music.

Pink Floyd’s Hey You was my joint-favourite from The Wall with Comfortably Numb. For many years they’ve competed to be my Favourite Song Of All Time: each is absolutely emotionally devastating. They don’t so much tug at your heartstrings as rip them out, stick them through a cheese grater and then pour vinegar all over them.Hey You wins out because it is so quietly, all-encompassingly, relentlessly melancholic. At least Comfortably Numb has those unforgettable guitar solos to make you feel just a tiny bit better after all that angst.

I became a NIN fan after watching an interview with Trent Reznor in which he said that The Wall was “like a friend” to him, and that’s how it was to me. A perfect soundtrack for morbid tweens to feel misunderstood to. Nobody got me, because they were all just Sheep.


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