Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

The cinematography is beautiful. It’s the first thing I notice. If the first film was glorious Disney sparkle and the sixth was eerie and blue, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 goes straight for post-apocalyptic grey. It’s as bleached and hopeless as Terminator 4, but has the poetry and grace of the first Pirates of the Caribbean. It could be Gore Verbinski at the helm, and that is high praise, but fair: Potter 7 pt 2 is a very good film.

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Top 10 posts April to July

1. New “Pottermore” Harry Potter project revealed
Even though it turned out to be a damp squib, it was fun to be drawn into the hype for just a moment.

2. 10 Sexiest Nerds
Most hits on that page come via searches for Wil Wheaton. I wonder if he’ll be in the next series of The Guild?

3. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
A five-minute, throwaway post on an intriguing video inexplicably became hugely popular.

4. Machete
“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a man crash through a window swinging on the “rope” of another man’s intestine. That was unnecessary.” But then, Robert Rodriguez isn’t renowned for his subtlety.
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30 day song challenge: day 06 – a song that reminds you of somewhere

I’m currently addicted to cheese. Well, it’s more of a craving, but my fascination with Applewood smoked cheddar is certainly pronounced. It’s a different type of cheese, however, that we’re going to enjoy today: the not-so-guilty-pleasure of anyone who was female and under 15 in the 1980s.

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30 day song challenge: day 04 – a song that makes you sad

Current status: splitting headache, so I’m going to be lazy and revert to my easy-to-write “30 day song challenge” meme. Ugh. I still feel queasy, too. Not a good day. Shutting up about self, writing about music.

Pink Floyd’s Hey You was my joint-favourite from The Wall with Comfortably Numb. For many years they’ve competed to be my Favourite Song Of All Time: each is absolutely emotionally devastating. They don’t so much tug at your heartstrings as rip them out, stick them through a cheese grater and then pour vinegar all over them. Continue reading

#musicmonday : Lush – Nothing Natural

The popularity of bands like Warpaint and the apparent revival of Shoegazing reminds me of one of my favourite bands from the 1990s. Although the band released three full-length albums, Nothing Natural is the song I immediately think of when I remember that band. They could release it now and not sound out of place, given the current state of the indie scene. The dreamy, trippy combination of Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson on vocals/guitars, and that insistent bassline played by that bloke whose name nobody can remember. Unassuming, sweet Chris on the drums, bless him! The hours I spent trying to dye my hair like Miki’s – but I never had the (bleach) bottle to go that bright. It wouldn’t have suited me anyway. Looked great on her, though.

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Lines from other films that could have been used in Harry Potter

I was having a bit of a DVD marathon today, re-watching the Harry Potter films in advance of seeing part 2 of Deathly Hallows next week. It occurred to me, while watching the films, that you could have slipped any number of lines from other films into the dialogue with nobody much noticing the difference. For example:

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