#musicmonday : Gusto Extermination Fluid

It’s just some mate of Him Indoors. Noodly experimental ambient stuff. The difference between this and most music of its ilk is that it’s actually any good.

If I had a penny for every band to reckon they could make experimental electronic music, I’d have a lot of pennies. Well, they’d be right, but it sucks. Big hairy space goats. I mean, 99.9999% of all ambient experimental electronica is absolute bobbins. It’s the last refuge of people who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing but quite fancy being in a band. They hope that if they tell people it’s “experimental”, everyone will be too busy not getting it to figure out that they’re talentless cretins without the slightest idea of how to make a record. Most of them sound like Young Lister in Red Dwarf performing his one-lyric hit The Om Song (which only got to number one when he bought every copy himself). In short, it’s f***ing awful.

So here I am, slack-jawed with astonishment, when this particular slab of “dark ambient industrial experimental music” (it says here) turns out to be a big dollop of fun. Nasty, big, brutal noise and about as catchy as you get with something that doesn’t have much in the way of old-fashioned things like notes.

You could even dance to it, and would probably enjoy doing so.


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