#musicmonday : Shinjuku Thief

I pinched this from I Heart Noise, or rather, its Twitter feed. We were chatting about the new Manorexia album and this link was presented as an example that sounds like one of that record’s mellower moments. I’m inclined to agree – it’s rather wonderful.

Shinjuku Thief were a three-piece formed in Australia in 1992. They initially fused ambient, ethnic, rock, funk and industrial styles (according to these here notes) but moved into soundtracks for their second album, The Scribbler. The influences cited there include Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman and Philip Glass.

The Witch Hammer progressed in the orchestral direction, inspired by 20s German expressionist film and old gothic literature. They obviously liked playing about with witches, because they followed that up with The Witch Hunter – this one – toying with the idea of medieval superstitions. It pulls the atmosphere off beautifully, like the score to some hokey old horror. There was a further release, The Witch Haven, as well as other releases going back to the original eclectic-ambient-industrial style.

Apparently main bloke Darrin Verhagen continues soundtrack composition work. No clue what happened to his colleagues Charles and François Tétaz, but it seems from this I’ll have to investigate nearly two decades’-worth of output from this intriguing trio.


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