30 day song challenge: day 17 – a song that you hear often on the radio

I don’t often hear the radio any more. For some reason the FM receiver on my mobile phone no longer works in my workplace, which is annoying as one of my habits was to dance around my boss’s office doing the filing whenever she was out.

I’ve rarely listened to the radio at home – at least not since the 90s – so it’s something I always associate with work. My first job, I was so bored that I listened non-stop to Nick Cave and Foetus cassettes because they were the only people more miserable than I was, and had various mixtapes for company over the next few years. The first time I really remember having the radio on at work, I was completely blown away by hearing this great riff mid-morning on a cheesy daytime show.



While Linkin Park later became pisspoor self parodies, I don’t take back my love of this song for a second. It made my morning go quicker.

For the next few years after that, it was back to my own music – though this time I’d moved onto MP3s. Mostly pop, the odd bit of mainstream rock, until I got back into music in a big way last year.

So, taking us back a year or so to my workplace disco routines, I had BBC Radio One on my headphones and was listening to this



and this



The thing about those two – Gaga and Marina – is that I didn’t like either song much at first. It’s something that you really only get from radio play: that “build”. I suppose there’s internet radio, and I certainly make much use of Last.fm (and really miss Pandora), but traditional radio broadcasts were very effective at playing tracks that you wouldn’t necessarily enjoy on first listen but come to adore after a number of plays.

I can’t say I love the Marina and the Diamonds track, but I do like it a lot more now than I did when I first heard it.

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