30 day song challenge: day 18 – a song that you wish you heard on the radio

1000 Homo DJs

Well, that would assume that I had a working radio to start with, and was a regular enough listener to know what they didn’t play that I wanted to hear.

I think Supernaut by 1000 Homo DJs is a safe bet. WaxTrax! co-founder Jim Nash said (of Al Jourgensen’s demos), “No one’s gonna play this, it’s gonna take a thousand homo DJs to play this for anyone to buy it.” Another story runs that Jourgensen and Nash heard an unauthorised remix of We Shall Cleanse the World, to which Nash assured him that it would only ever be heard by “a thousand homo DJs”.

(For the curious, Chris Connelly remarks in his autobiography that there was a distinct lack of homophobia at WaxTrax!.)

1000 Homo DJs, as they were thereafter called, were one of the many Ministry side-projects floating around in the early 90s. This song is a cover of a Black Sabbath song. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails sang the first take, but TVT Records refused to allow him to appear on the release. The legend goes that Al merely ran his vocals through a distortion unit to disguise them, though Al said that he re-recorded the vocals impersonating Reznor’s style. The Reznor-vocal version appears on the retrospective Black Box collection, and fans of both singers should be able to distinguish between them.



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