London Philharmonic’s game symphony

call of duty 4

Remember how much I love music from video games?

The London Philharmonic Orchestra is playing more than 20 songs from games tonight as part of a music festival at the Royal Festival Hall. The showcased tunes include works by Hans Zimmer, Inon Zur and Jeremy Soule.

The highly-regarded London Philharmonic has previously recorded music for games including Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy XII. Andrew Skeet will be conducting – a composer/arranger with a varied career that includes work with The Divine Comedy, Sinead O’Connor and James Taylor Quartet, as well as compositions for film and television. Iain Lee will be presenting – a comedian and TV presenter with a passion for games who I mostly remember as being the bassist in my friend’s band back in the 90s.

Don’t worry that you missed the concert: it has been recorded and will be released as an album.



The playlist includes:

Advent Rising
    Elder Scrolls
    CoD Main Menu Theme
    CoD Modern Warfare 2: Theme
    Legend of Zelda
    Mario Bros Theme
    Splinter Cell
    Battlefield 3
    Final Fantasy
    Metal Gear Solid
    Dead Space
    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
    World of Warcraft
    Halo 3
    Blood Stone 007
    Grand Theft Auto
    Mass Effect
    Fallout 3
    Super Mario
    Angry Birds
    Enemy Zero

You may recall that many of these titles were featured in the Play! series of concerts a couple of years back.



More information on the Video Game Heroes concert can be found at the Southbank Centre’s website.

For those in Canada, the Play! website lists a series of concerts in Calgary in May 2012.




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