30 day song challenge: day 20 – a song that you listen to when you’re angry

Wow. It says something that I can’t immediately think of what my angry-song is any more. As a teenager it was always NIN, but at some point in the late 90s, I found my magic catharsis button.


It’s just so completely ridiculous – so eye-wateringly over-the-top – that it can’t fail to cheer me up. Strapping Young Lad had an album called Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing, which clues us in about how seriously we’re meant to take this.

From my alcohol-rotted memories of the time, I recall two things: one was Front Line Assembly’s Rhys Fulber telling me how much he admired Devin Townsend, and the second was Townsend – vegetarian and general eco-nut – telling me a fantastic story about how a “suicidal wood pigeon” crashed into his tour bus and exploded in a pinwheel of feathers that was “just f***ing beautiful, man”.

The man was quite, quite mad.


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