#musicmonday : Foetus – First And Last And Always

JG Thirlwell, 2009, by Hueng Hueng Chin

Everyone who knows me knows that Morrowind is my most beloved video game – it has a special, unique place in my heart from which it can never be dislodged (not even by Fallout 3). One of the things that delights me most is that I have played the hell out of that game for nearly 10 years, and I’m still finding things I have never seen before. It never runs out of depth or breadth or new ways to surprise me.

Foetus is my most beloved music act for exactly the same reason. I’ve only spent about 18 months really exploring Thirlwell’s gameworld, 30 years in the making, but there really doesn’t seem to be any end to it. Each time you think you’re about to hit that invisible barrier that says “turn back here”, it just goes on and on – but with ever stranger new landscapes to explore. If you even try to comprehend its sheer size, you’ll just start to feel daunted and dizzy and have to sit down breathless on the nearest treestump.  Continue reading