Fallout: Nuka Break – The Series

Fallout Nuka Break

When someone says they’ve made a by-fans-for-fans live action web series based on Fallout, my immediate reaction isn’t one of enthusiasm. It’s usually like being asked to watch someone else’s kid in the school nativity play.

Wayside Productions, however, have made something that is … actually pretty good. The sets and special effects are surprisingly professional (and spot-on for the Fallout world) and the acting isn’t bad, either. Fallout: Nuka Break is about on a par with The Guild in terms of quality, so if you like that, you really should give this a view.

The blurb:

Wayside Creations is a fresh, upstart indie production company that currently specializes in web content. Last year, they’ve taken the reigns of Indymogul.com’s popular do-it yourself filmmaking web series, “Backyard FX”, featuring Zack Finfrock as host. In addition, they recently released the virally popular fan film “Fallout: Nuka Break”, a short film set in the “Fallout” video game universe. They look forward to putting out even more web-based and long form content in 2011, starting with the “Nuka Break” series, and a new DIY effects show starring Ralis Kahn and Zack Finfrock called “Mad Monster Lab”. http://www.youtube.com/WaysideCreations

**Fallout: Nuka Break the series is a non-profit parody webseries made by Fallout fans, funded by Fallout fans. Please don’t sue us. We don’t have any money. Really, like none. Fallout and all related things are TM and © Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.

Imagining a live action Fallout series might make you think that it is basically like Firefly, which it pretty much is. The series is set in the New Vegas world, starting off in Goodsprings, and follows the adventures of one of the war survivors who sheltered in one of Fallout‘s nuclear bunker “vaults”, his friend – a radiation-ravaged ghoul, and Scarlett – a trigger-happy escaped slave.

Their mission is simply to stock up on Nuka-Cola beverages, and try not to get run out of town too often.

Wayside plan to upload the episodes every two weeks. If the first two are anything to go on, I think I’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.




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