Oh Land

Today’s Sunday Times has a great article on Danish electro experimentalist Oh Land (AKA Nanna Oland Fabricius).

‘Fabricius — known by her stage name Oh Land — is describing the noises she recorded in her native Copenhagen when she began making music six years ago. “I had a computer in my bedroom, but no instruments,” she recalls. “Instead of drums, I recorded myself hitting pots and pans. I discovered that buzzing flies sound like synths, and that you can make amazing rhythms using door handles. I carried a recorder everywhere. I walked through the traffic in the centre of the city, taping people ringing the bells on their bikes and honking the horns on their cars.”‘

Such a description is likely to have piqued my attention under any circumstances, but I was already sold on Oh Land from a previous single, Perfection.

As The Sunday Times continues,

‘There are hints of Kate Bush, Björk and Bat for Lashes in her earthy quirkiness, yet her songs are glossy enough to appeal to fans of Katy Perry and Kylie. “Most electronic music at the moment is minimal, production-wise,” Fabricius says. “I prefer maximalism to minimalism. I use lots of layered strings, keyboards and big choirs. I can have 300 backing tracks on one song. I love live drums. I still use everyday sounds unusually as often as I can. It means my music sounds like me. So much pop says nothing about the performer. It has no personality. Some of my songs use a snare drum sound I created by ripping the Velcro fastening on my producer’s 10-year-old daughter’s shoe. Nobody else has played that shoe. Nobody will ever play that shoe in the same way.”‘

Although the last single I heard didn’t have the same impact on me as the previous one, from White Nights it seems I’m going to have to look further into her new self-titled follow-up album, which was released elsewhere several months ago but has been delayed here in the UK. It’s finally coming out to coincide with her imminent support slot on Katy Perry’s new tour.

Wow – over one million hits and counting for this video. Looks like Oh Land doesn’t exactly need my “help” in bringing her to people’s attention. Even so, if you haven’t heard it yet, click the link.




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