Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead is George A Romero’s fourth Living Dead movie from 2005, and with a budget of a whopping $15 million, was the most expensive of the bunch. It’s also surprisingly entertaining, with a top-knotch B-movie cast that includes Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, Robert Joy and John Leguizamo.

The pitch is very simple. Take the (non-) plot of Left 4 Dead



(don’t bother with such trivialities as explanations or introductions – just have zombies versus running, screaming, tasty people), and add in a sprinkling of the Tenpenny Tower quest from Fallout 3.

And that’s … uh … kind of … it.

Dennis Hopper is the “Allistair Tenpenny” character, living in his sparkly tower of snooty people, and Simon Baker is the hero of the wastelands (that’ll be Pittsburgh, then), looting abandoned malls for supplies for the slum-dwelling poor. John Leguizamo is the shifty bugger who could be on anybody’s side, and Robert Joy is the naive, sharp-shooting sidekick. Throw in a Mad Max-ish (or is that Fallout-y?) carnival of ghoulish vices, and we find Asia Argento thrown to some zombies, gladiator-style. Two zombies enter, one human leaves. Oh, and apparently the zombies are getting smarter, though we’re never told how or why.

It’s a desperately silly film, but one that should please fans of zombie movies.



And video games.

Oh wait; they went there.



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