Unreal Engine 3 Now Works In Flash

I was just browsing Kotaku for news on Rage (verdict: mixed – though I pretty much don’t trust game reviews any more since I’ve seen too many good games under-scored (Hunted) or ignored (Enslaved) and too many average games overhyped). Instead, what caught my eye was a feature on how the Unreal Engine 3 now works in Flash – you know, that thing websites use.

Kotaku reports that Epic Games has announced that their Unreal Engine 3 now works in Adobe Flash, demoing a version of Unreal Tournament 3 running inside the new Adobe Flash Player 11.

The implication is that existing games could be ported to work in browsers. The list includes Batman: Arkham Asylum, BioShock Infinite, the Gears of War series, the Mass Effect series, Mirror’s Edge, Stranglehold … i.e. most of the best games out there.

Apparently it’s not as powerful as a non-browser engine, but they reckon it still looks fine. It might also make migrations from apps to browsers easier to handle, and could certainly make those Facebook games a little more dynamic.

On the negative side, a user notes that it could be a system hog and security risk, so that does need bearing in mind. Then again, PopCap have been making Flash games for years, and Guild Wars is a perfect example of a loveable, functioning “real” game played through a browser.

I’ll look forward to seeing what they can do with it.



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