#musicmonday : Kenny Loggins – Footloose

It’s still Monday in California, right?

You can’t remake Footloose. OK, so I know they did, but it’s just wrong. I watched it for the first time yesterday, though I already knew that any such remake was a mistake. It’s as defined by its soundtrack as Dirty Dancing or … hell … the Sound of Music. It would be a bit like if Selena Gomez (instead of Julie Andrews) skipped to the top of the mountain and sang

(though of course even that is ancient by the standards of today’s kids).


Let’s go back to the original 1984 Footloose soundtrack, and remind ourselves of what this generation of nippers will be missing.

“In the new version everyone at school will know the winner from Twitter” – Youtube comment


Instead, they’ll be getting this.

Sure, the plot – and apparently most of the dialogue – is intact, but without that painfully cheesy music, it’s just not the same film.



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