#musicmonday : Rockabye Baby – Lullaby (The Cure)

Indoctrinating the sprog. It’s part of the reasons we have kids, isn’t it? To fill their tiny brains with the “proper” sort of education. Naturally, with such wilful parents, it’s sod’s law that Princess Jr will rebel against us by listening to Coldplay and insipid boy bands, but one does what one can. *sniff*

So I used my Amazon vouchers from work to go on an MP3 spree and make a compilation of tracks by Rockabye Baby. You’ve probably heard of this lot by now, even if you don’t have spawn: they make “lullaby-style” covers of rock songs, turning even the most noisy Metallica track and turning it into a pretty blend of tinkles and chimes.

Here’s one of my favourite purchases: their version of the appropriately-named Lullaby by The Cure.
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