The Amazing Truth About Zachary Quinto

Wait, what now? Zachary Quinto was on Charmed? Well, what the hell else did you think I was referring to? Oooh, the gay thing. Yeah, I don’t really have an opinion on that for one simple reason: I was never going to sleep with him anyway.

It’s like when X-Factor winner Joe McElderry came out, and someone saw fit to point out on the Youtube comments that at his original audition the judges said, “The girls are going to love you”, with the annotation of “awkward, much?” I mean, how is that awkward? Aren’t those girls in the exact same position as before: worshipping from afar a cute, dimple-cheeked teen who they’re unlikely to ever meet?

It’s tempting to fall into that, though, isn’t it? Like a mental block comes down and makes you think, “Oh, he’s gay, I can’t fancy him any more” when some actor or other comes out of the closet. Until you question the logic of it. I realised that, hell, I still think Neil Patrick Harris is kinda sexy even though he’s married to a man. The only weird thing about having a teeny weeny crush on him is that it’s Doogie Fricking Howser.

Part of it is the natural transferrence from actor to role – in the same way that the actor’s real life personality can dictate how well they can “sell” the idea of their character (hence Mel Gibson’s current Hollywood purgatory) to an audience that rarely distinguishes between them – and part of it is just the girlish habit of fantasising about a celebrity crush. Elvis and the Beatles broke many hearts when they got married because they were no longer “available” to their under-aged admirers.

Still, back to Quinto, I think he should do OK because he’s very good at making you feel differently about him from role to role.

An actor that capable – one who can make you love him one minute and hate him the next – should have few problems playing a straight role without reminding the audience that he’s gay in real life.

Besides, he’d hardly be the first to do it.


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