What’s your favorite month? (7 scary movies for October)

Another random question from WordPress.

We’re over halfway through it, and what an October it’s been! It began with a searing heatwave, and is only now doing what it’s supposed to: being lightly chilly with fluffy mist in the morning and cool, bracing sunshine in the afternoon. October is fun – all the leaves turn pretty colours and are crispy and crunchy to trample underfoot in leather boots. It’s that glorious time before it gets that miserable kind of cold where the air is always damp.

I love October. Once my birthday – which coincides neatly with Hallowe’en – is over, there’s the last of the toffee apples and trick-or-treating to dispense with before we can look forward to Bonfire Night, and – eventually – Christmas. October is as much about anticipation as January is a sullen anticlimax. Snug, blanket-clad indulgence in seasonal fruits, hot spicy drinks and scary movies …

Darkness Falls

I reserve this underrated chiller (starring the bunny-phobic one from Buffy) for chilly October nights. Boo!

The Shining

One of the most enjoyably terrifying films ever.


If you still haven’t seen Gore Verbinski’s beautifully-filmed adaptation of Hideo Nakata’s ghost-in-the-machine nightmare, it’s time you caught up. Truthfully, there’s not much difference between them, but Verbinski’s take has better special effects. Nakata’s Ring 2 is also excellent, but avoid the terrible American remake.

Dog Soldiers

Niall Marshall’s note-perfect monster mash is funny and creepy in equal measure. A perfect Hallowe’en date movie.

The Amazing Mr Blunden

This family classic is a wonderfully charming ghost story.

The Watcher in the Woods

One of Disney’s more daring films is a pretty obscure Anglo-American sci-fi horror that scared the socks off me when I was little.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I always save this one till last, as October ends and preparation for the next season of frivolity begins.


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