Guilty Pleasures: 90210

It’s actually quite worrying how instantly I fell in love with this show. I first saw it a couple of weeks ago and it’s been showing every day on E4 – so basically from halfway through season 2 – and I was hooked from the outset. Now when I wake up, I look at the clock and either think, “I have half an hour before 90210 starts” or “I’ve missed it, but never mind, it’s repeated at eleven.”

Yes. That bad.

I don’t have any basis of comparison with the original Beverly Hills 90210 series because I didn’t watch it and had absolutely zero interest in doing so. I had a vague idea who Brenda was and could pick Tori Spelling from a lineup, but it just seemed like a silly show about silly, vacuous people.

Now the “new” series is here (up to season 4 in the US, so I’m told), and … well, it’s still a silly show about silly, vacuous people, but it’s fun.



Improbably pretty, spoilt teens have problems that the rest of us spotty oiks can relate to (the friend who’s into drugs; the cute boy who doesn’t know we exist) and swan around being angst-ridden and complicated while still being improbably pretty and filthy rich.

So it’s basically The Vampire Diaries without the … um … vampires.

(Mmm … sorry, you lost me for a minute. I was just thinking of Ian Somerhalder … he does the vamp thing so well …)

Back on track, there’s really not too much to say about 90210, so I should just let the show speak for itself.



Quality entertainment.


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