30 day song challenge: day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding

Oh wow. How do I even start with this one?

Funnily enough, we didn’t have a song at our wedding. We had the usual stuff like Pachelbel’s Canon in D during the service (which always reminds me inappropriately of the Rob Paravonian sketch – much as Red Dwarf‘s “faith, hop and charity” skit came to mind during the bible reading and we both had to stifle our giggles), but after the meal and speeches, we had to dash off to catch our flight. So no “song”; no “first dance” – not that we minded.
The thing about Him Indoors is that he can dance, which isn’t that surprising for someone with a general sense of rhythm. What to dance to, though? Last time we were at a wedding, I drunkenly tried to convince him of the merits of ABBA, but he was wholly unswayed (so definitely no I Do, I Do, I Do). You and Me Song by the Wannadies? Cute, but way too twee, and we are neither of us twee.

We would have to pick a song that we both love, which is more difficult than at first it might appear. We’d pick different albums by the same band, different songs from the same album.

There’s always been one song we’ve agreed on, mostly because of the absolutely magical guitar solo in the middle, which lit a fire in me when I was 13 or so. Plus I had a crush on Dave Mustaine, which was fortunate given that the guy I married turned out to be a lookalike. (Any photographic comparison is inevitably met with “OMG he does look like him! He really does!”) Also, the poor little alien in the video is just the cutest. Dawww *sniff*.

Given that if we had selected this delightful tune – Hangar 18 by Megadeth – as “our song”, we’d have spent that crucial part of the evening moshing awkwardly on a bewildered and empty dancefloor.

Probably best we caught the early flight after all.



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