10 strangest search terms on Reinspired


You readers are a weird bunch. Whenever I glance at the site stats for Reinspired, I always do a double-take at the search engine terms, because much as you might think nobody’s paying attention to the words you type in to that search bar, they’re ranked and counted and categorized like anything else.

Here are some examples:

10. “Bill Gates Sexy”

From the ever-popular 10 Sexiest Nerds post, I’d previously assumed that nobody else shared my fondness for the PC supremo. There are few things more unsettling than finding out that your secret perversion is actually pretty common.


9. “Sexiest Man In The World 2011”

Well, hello, ladies! You categorically asked who the sexiest man in the world in 2011 is, and the independently-verified answer is Isaiah Mustafa in the Old Spice commercial. Glad to have been of service.


8. “Cute Honey Badger”

Let me get this straight once and for all: honey badgers are not cute. What part of ” most predators are so s***-scared of honey badgers that the countershaded coats of cheatah kittens are in imitation of the honey badger’s colouration” did you not understand there?


7. “Post Apocalyptic Wallpaper”

I was very curious what on earth such a grisly search term would bring up, so I typed it in myself – but it just returns this fetching image from Fallout: New Vegas. I hope that is what they were looking for!


6. “Louis Theroux Sexy”

Another one from the 10 Sexiest Nerds link, and probably a lot less surprising since the TV presenter fits most definitions of “classically handsome”, even if he comes across as bumbling and socially awkward. What’s really odd is that five times as many people lusted after Bill Gates as searched for sexy Louis Theroux.


5. “Kinky”

Rather than seeking out the charming Britcom set in a shoe factory, I think you were just being pervy little rascals.


4. “Good Cocks”

Not what you were looking for?


3. “who is the sexiest man in the world 2011”

Didn’t I just answer that?


2. “David Bowie Crotch”

Oh, well, if you insist.


1. “Bad Ass Seahorse”

It’s not weird that one person searched for this. It’s just odd that several people searched for this using the same words. Here’s the link, anyway.


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