#musicmonday : DJ Food – Magpies, Maps and Moons

Hey, it’s still Monday in California.

I don’t know anything about DJ Food except that he once remixed Foetus for free on the condition that JG Thirlwell agreed to collaborate with him in the future. Since we’re now, officially, living in the future, here is the outcome. Call this the Thirlwell release of the week – since these collaboration things are cropping up almost weekly these days – but this is the best I’ve heard in a while. That’s not to denigrate other recent outings such as International Moods (with FM Einheit) or the new split 7″ with Teho Teardo (which I haven’t actually heard), but just to say I like this best.

The music is broadly electronic: call it breakbeat; call it big beat, though it doesn’t have the dated sound such labels might suggest.

Prey, featuring the Foetus man, has the sort of mucked-about-with vocals Thirlwell’s been enamoured with of late. Think: that Mary Magdalene song he did with Rotoskop. Or just the voices of those “geth” robot things from Mass Effect. Except here I don’t find those vocals jarring and the whole song hangs together well – perhaps because it’s very warm and organic-sounding; or perhaps it’s those delightfully surprising bah-bah-baah backing vocals. Anyway, I love it.

More surprising still, the other four tracks of the EP are pretty good, too. Percussion Map is a maddeningly catchy onslaught of rhythms that puts me in mind of someone like DJ Shadow playing with Test Dept. Discovery Workshop is a jazzy treat that evokes the best of the early 90s (Gang Starr’s Lovesick, for one). Magpie Music is eleven-and-a-half minutes of shifting grooves and features 2econd Class Citizen, and In Orbit Every Monday is forgettable but easy on the ear.

Which considering that £5 ($8) gets you a 12″ with stunning artwork by 2000AD‘s Henry Flint plus a copy to download right away, is something of a bargain. I’ll level with you: I mostly bought it for the sleeve art, which is something I haven’t done in many, many years. But £5 would be a fair price for the songs themselves, anyway – which is better news for you, since the MP3s alone can be purchased for just £2.40. Ridiculous!

Soundcloud stream of Prey

Purchase the EP here


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