Top 100 singles of all time: 98 – S-Express – Theme From S-Express

(Skipping #99, If I Can’t Have You, since it’s been featured individually before.)

While I mostly remember this these days as the first music I liked that my parents didn’t “get”, at the time I honestly did not expect to still thoroughly enjoy Theme From S-Express over 20 years later. Acid House was, after all, every bit as disposable as the chart-reigning SAW bubblegum pop. Still, it was a “moment” historically – perhaps as pivotal in its own way as Rock Around The Clock – and like other genre-defining chart-toppers has the added benefit of being a pretty memorable tune.

It was a much better song than D-Mob’s We Call It Acieed, which was the other hymn to the zeitgeist in 1988.



S-Express, AKA Mark Moore and Pascal Gabriel, were liberal in their use of samples. Theme included bits from TZ’s I Got The Hots for You, Debbie Harry’s Feel The Spin, Yazoo’s Situation, Rose Royce’s Is It Love You’re After, and even an aerosol spray to make a hi-hat sound. The song takes its name from the S-Express (42nd Street Shuttle) line on the New York Subway.

Theme from S-Express reached number one for two weeks in the UK in April 1988.




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