#musicmonday : Thinking Plague – Behold The Man

I’m nicking this from JG Thirlwell’s Tumblr page. I bought his recommendations of In Extremis and A History of Madness without hesitation after hearing this. They are, of course, great.

My frame of reference when it comes to avant-rock is somewhat limited, so I keep thinking of The Monsoon Bassoon – a math-rock/Cardiacs-related band from the 90s I used to regularly watch – but Thinking Plague are linked to a festival-based scene called Rock In Opposition that includes acts like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Henry Cow. Then again, The Monsoon Bassoon’s Kavus Torabi played with his band Guapo at one of the Rock In Opposition concerts in France, so it’s not that much of a leap.

So, if you like rich, jazzy, woodwind-filled polyrhythmic art rock, you’ll probably love this.



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