What are record labels good for, anyway?

Buke and Gass

How do you see the music industry moving forward in the next 10 years?

Alec: “The short answer is: ‘slowly and stupidly as it always has with occasional flashes of brilliance and vision’. The long answer is too long for the internet. To get that out of me, I need to be invited to your house-slash-university-slash-business conference-slash-private island.”

Giles: “For the industry at large things appear to be looking fairly bleak. There are precious few artists that shift records in any sizeable quantities, and those that do are being milked by the industry for all they’re worth. As Armalyte is an artist-driven concern it frees us of any need to conform and basically we can do whatever we feel like and the future involves vinyl, casettes, releases accompanied by ‘zines, or whatever we can be bummed to play around with. We’re not the most prolific of labels but I’d like to think that, around these parts, quality is paramount and hopefully history will judge us accordingly.”

Shaun: “This is a tough question for me. I feel like I’m still on the outside of something we might call ‘the music industry’. I think the lines will be further blurred over time. I’ll still be in the garages and warehouses discovering some new band playing their first show and blowing my mind!”


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