30 day song challenge: day 30 – your favorite song at this time last year

Of course, it would have been something by Foetus, but for fear of repeating myself, I’ll go with something else. This blog tells me I was probably listening to PIG, so I’ll go with that.


Sick City was something of a duet between Raymond Watts and JG Thirlwell, so that makes it a fairly honest contender for being the track most representative of what went in my ears last year. This is a slightly different version than the single version, which sells for eye-watering prices on ebay.

I love the song for its cheesily cheerful larceny of Holst’s Mars.

Since this is the last post in this series, I’ll throw in a couple of bonus songs – It Tolls For Thee (Pig Breath), which contains one of the most magical riffs ever

and Scumsberg, which was one of those songs that I just couldn’t live without. Plus the lyrics always make me giggle.


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