Despicable Me

Children can disrupt the most carefully-laid plans. Super-villain Gru finds this when he adopts three feisty, adorable little girls in order to faciliate his evil plan to steal the moon. I watched this film while I was in the recovery ward after giving birth to my own feisty, adorable little girl and – just like Gru – watched helplessly as she painstakingly dissected any ideas I had about “schedules” (ahahahahaha!) or managing the most basic of routine tasks. (I’m only typing this now while glancing over at her little basket from time to time, hoping that she’ll fall back to sleep for a few precious minutes, since I’m down to my last two pre-prepared posts with no time to write any more.)

Despicable Me stars Steve Carell as the curmudgeonly crimester, aided and abetted by Dr Nefario (Russell Brand, in a surprisingly un-obnoxious role), facing off against rival villain Vector (Jason Segel) in increasingly bizarre schemes of derring-do. It’s the first CGI feature by Universal, via studio Illumination Entertainment.  Continue reading