id Software’s Rage was another game I part-played and really enjoyed in 2011. At first glance, the reference points might be Fallout 3 or – more accurately – Borderlands, but though there are some elements of the latter, it was Bioshock I was most reminded of in terms of actual gameplay.

The wrapping is very Borderlands, with sparsely-populated post-apocalyptic settlements hewn together from endless supplies of brown metal. It’s set in the near future, following the impact of asteroid 99942 Apophis, and you play the sole survivor of a malfunctioning “Ark” cryo-pod. Aggressive mutants prowl the desert countryside, and those and “the Authority” are the main antagonists in the game. Predictably, you end up joining the Resistance to thwart the Authority’s evil plot to subjugate the remaining survivors of the asteroid crash.

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