Best of 2011: Make your own MTV!

Remember I mentioned a couple of days back about the new features on the Xbox 360? Well, you probably knew all about them anyway. So, today I explored the Youtube facility of being able to play back your “Watch Later” playlist, and – on the nice big shiny screen of the TV – it’s like having your own MTV where the music is actually good!

Since I don’t really have time to sit there reading through blog posts any more and clicking on all the links, I just add the Youtube clips to my Watch Later list and can then investigate each recommendation from the comfort of the sofa while I’m taking care of Her Tiny Highness. The list of recommendations I was just exploring comes from Collapse Board’s various “best of 2011” posts, so I would in turn suggest that you add these to your own Watch Later list and play along at home.


Alexander Tucker – Red String

“Whatever trickery is at play, all I hear is a string section to drown in.” – Victoria Birch


Haunted House – Millie’s Not Afraid

“A sh*tty, scummy recording bleeding black static” – Victoria Birch


Azealia Banks – 212 ft Lazy Jay

*caution* strong language/NSFW

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite so adorable and crude at the same time” – Brigette Herron


Tom Waits – Bad As Me

“It’s a weird situation when ‘more genius’ is just kind of expected, but that’s something that you can hang on Tom Waits’ hat rack” – Conan Neutron


Barbara Panther – Moonlightpeople

“I really thought this would take off more. Still sounds amazing regardless.” – Wallace Wylie


Kate Bush – Wild Man

“It’s nearly as good as Bat For Lashes” – Everett True (joking)



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