The Big Bang Theory

I mentioned The Big Bang Theory in passing the other day, but I’m really getting into it lately so thought I’d give it its own post.

It’s a sitcom about two theoretical physicists, their nerdy friends, and the pretty waitress who lives across the hall. While it’s not always laugh-out-loud hilarious, even on its off days it’s entertaining. The references are kept near the “pop science” end so that if (like me) you had to give up reading The Elegant Universe after admitting you don’t really get what a proton is, you can still understand the jokes – though most of the nerdiness stems from the group’s obsession with comic book culture.

So, like Spaced and the earlier, funnier Kevin Smith films, there are discussions about Spider-Man and Star Wars, etc. The dependable Wil Wheaton has a recurring cameo role as himself, playing a character not dissimilar to the one he played in The Guild.

Apparently the show is quite popular in the US, which doesn’t really surprise me because it will appeal either to us nerds or to those who identify with hot-girl-next-door Penny – giggling in bemusement at the boys’ crippling social awkwardness.

Certainly if you enjoy hanging out with people who can speak “both kinds of Elvish”, have ever had a conversation about the sexual mores of the Na’vi in Avatar (re inappropriate contact with horses), and played that Carl Sagan auto-tune song on repeat for a month, this show’s for you.




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