#musicmonday : Sovetskoe Foto feat. Clint Ruin – Forget

I stumbled on this as a “related videos” link on Youtube, and thought it was rather good. Yes, it features JG Thirlwell, but it’s actually pretty hard not to find something featuring JG Thirlwell. He’s like the Pete Postlethwaite of music.*

Forget is just brutal noise rock from 1992 – the period when Foetus featured Thirlwell’s alter-ego Clint Ruin and was characterised by growling, rasping vocals (ooh, I loved those so much) and pummelling, blistering onslaughts of aural violence. This fits in nicely with that.

Sovetskoe Foto was the project of Georg S. Huber AKA Zeitblom (with Marc Turiaux and Walter Sterr).  According to Discogs, he worked together with Fred Frith, John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Zeena Parkins, Bern Nix, Pyrolator and Christian Marclay. Zeitblom is founder and director of Klangwerkstatt Berlin for radio play/acoustic art, sound generated readings, aural pieces and soundscapes for radio. He did composition for the aural plays Das Warheads Oratorium by Karmakar / Farin, Amokkopf by Farin and Metropolis by Lang / Harbou. Furthermore, he took part in the isolation tank installation Bio Adapter I – VI with Rantasa / Fennesz.

That all sounds terribly posh and civilised. This does not. It’s very good, though.




* case





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