Jonny Greenwood and Penderecki collaboration up for pre-order now

Now available for pre-order is a side-by-side compilation of works by avant-garde composer Penderecki – probably best known for Threnody‘s inclusion in The Shining and The Children of Men – and Jonny Greenwood (yes, that bloke from Radiohead, who also did the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood).

While it works beautifully in the medium of film, Penderecki’s clashing tones are just too hard on my ears to enjoy in a listening-for-pleasure context (Polymorphia is bloody terrifying!). I had that exact problem with the last Manorexia album, remember? Still, I know plenty who aren’t scared off by such things and will probably enjoy this very much. I find Greenwood’s tracks much easier to take than Penderecki’s, and think it’s all beautifully composed, even if I’m trembling under the sofa.






The album, available from 13 March, can be pre-ordered from the Nonesuch store now. A concert featuring all of the music on the album will take place at Barbican Hall in London on 22 March, performed by the AUKSO Chamber Orchestra, who played on the recording, led by Penderecki and Marek Moś.


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